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Park Pilates Studio Zilina

It is the specialized modern studio located in pleasant surroundings of the town park, what helps to create an ideal place for perfect relaxation. Our goal is aimed to create a pleasant environment for you, where you can not only work towards a healthier and slimmer body, but you can also achieve comfort, power and balance.

The studio has two separate rooms equipped with the original Pilates machines and devices from the worlds leading manufacturer of Pilates equipment Balanced Body. Comprehensive training of your body can combine the original Pilates methods, exercises on flatware BOSU® Balance Trainer, a concept of fitness training Flowin®, exercise for healthy back SM System and the unique system TRX® Suspension Training.

Our aim is to adapt lessons to your specific needs and personal goals. We offer one on one lessons, lessons for pairs or three to five candidates and group lessons for max. 10 trainees.

In addition to courses for the general public, we offer functional training for closed groups of active athletes (golf, tennis, football, ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding etc.) as well as specialized courses for dancers, but also for seniors, children, youth, women after birth or women with functional sterility.

We offer the possibility of cooperation with sports clubs, but also with companies and schools.

Our instructors with many years of experiences are certified for all different training methods. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of different exercises for you, please do not hesitate to contact our instructors directly in the studio or through our contacts.

We look forward to meeting you.

Andrea & Katka

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